Him + Her

GFNY Gdynia introduces a special 'Him + Her' category. Beginning with January 2nd, every registered rider can make their 'Him + Her' team companion sign up with a 50% discount.

There will be two 'Him + Her' age categories: sub-90 and 90+ (age of both team members summed up). Please note that a female and male rider of one team have to finish within thirty seconds of each other, also having crossed all the checkpoints on the course within thirty seconds of each other.

The 50% discount for one rider of a 'Him + Her' team will be valid until the end of the online registration for the race. The discount is valid on both distances but please note that only Gran Fondo 'Him + Her' teams are eligible for classification and awards.

Because it’s tough to find two riders of the same ability and fitness, pushing, pulling, dragging, encouraging, screaming, shouting and any other means of working together is allowed. However, as rider assistance is permitted in this category, members of a 'Him + Her' team are not eligible for individual age group prizes.

If you are willing to take part in GFNY Polska Gdynia as a 'Him + Her' team, please email us at info@gfnypolska.com.